Friday, October 14, 2011

I am currently in season 6, which I am enjoying A LOT. I guess I'm just still waiting for things to get bad, ya know? I mean its no season 3, but...things are looking good. I am impatiently waiting for Kelly to start using drugs, while at the same time dreading the arrival of Tara (WORST character/plot/actress ever). But I wanted to take a moment to say, hey, props to you season 6. Still going strong.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, I honestly thought I was the biggest fan of 90210 out there. Seriously y'all! I mean, I own all of the seasons, and literally watch them all of the time. Like, there was a good year or two...or three...or whatever...when I watched 90210 every single day of my life. Before bed, and while I got ready for work in the morning. I am not bragging, (because it's embarrassing people) but simply trying to get you to understand what I mean by biggest fan. I wanted to play Brian Austin Green at my wedding reception, but was (rightfully so) vetoed. But I am on tumblr, and am following someone: They might have me beat. They were a little overwhelming at first, but they find the most amazing pictures of old school 90210 stuff, and I just love this person, whoever they are. So, I am encouraging you to check them out, if you have a minute...or an hour...or a lifetime.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Call me Fitz

Oh. My. God.

Then he does things like this, and I think, Brandon you aren't half bad. iknowthisisntbrandon.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My bad

I realize I created this blog, but have not written anything about 90210! See, my ultimate goal is to snark each and every episode of this series. I am so very busy however, that I have not found time to do this! So, in the mean time, I'll give you some opinions about the gang.

David-! But seriously- David is traditionally my favorite character on the show, mainly because he is so cute, and also because of how he treats Donna. Wait, what? What I mean is, when I was younger, I loved how he treated Donna. Now that I'm older, I realize he was pretty much a horrible boyfriend to Donna many, many times. They are actually the cutest together when they are just friends. But his dance moves are hot, and his rap beats are off the chain, so come on and give it up to D Silver
Donna- Oh good god, Donna. I honestly would die for Donna, she is that amazing to me. I often find myself willing Tori Spelling to act better, or even worse, convincing myself she is a good actress. Like, "Hey, that was a really good fake scream!" or something like that. Watching her make out with people is horrible though. It is like she doesn't know what a nice kiss is- all she knows is super sexual open mouth...whatever. Sick.
Brenda- Missundaztood! Seriously! Everyone is like "oh what a bitch" but ummm that is Shannon, not Brenda! Wouldn't you be super emo if your best friend messed around with your boyfriend, and then ultimately dated him, like, for years? DUH! GEEZ PEOPLE! She is just hurt and misunderstood and doesn't fit in anywhere, even back in Minnesota! Awe, poor gal.
Steve- Steve is my favorite character. Period. Hands down. I love him with all of my heart and soul. Even my husband likes Steve, which is saying a lot. He is the only one who is like...a real person. Like you know someone kinda like Steve, just not as amazing. I have named this blog after his license plate, because I love him that much. Seriously, try to get me to say something bad about Steve. Go ahead and try.
Brandon- I. hate. Brandon. I mean, I love Brandon, because there are many times when he is literally holding the show together. But...God he is annoying. I feel like there are several times throughout the series when he says, sexually, "I've been told I'm a great closer" or something along those lines. What does that even mean? I don't even want to tell you what I think it means. Anyway, Brandon is annoying as hell.
Dylan- Short Shins McGee, as I lovingly refer to Dyldyl (or I call him Dyldyl, because it kind of sounds like dildo). Seriously people, has anyone noticed how short this man's shins are? Because they are. Or, his thighs are long, but since I named him Short Shins McGee, I can't really go back now. I beg you check this out and get back to me, for you will be converted with one glance. The only time his short shins aren't funny is when he is crying after Antonia is shot. Don't try to make jokes during that, because seriously, she was one of the best things to happen to 90210, and particularly to Dylan, and they had to go and kill her. UGH.
Kelly- I have a love/hate relationship with Kelly, because hey- she used to be a slut, but she totally turned her life around! But- she stole Dylan away from Brenda. But she has an eating disorder! She is a super biatch- but hey! She was shot! Raped! Addicted to coke! Involved with a cult! Had a miscarriage! Holy moly. I think my favorite Kelly is when she is on coke, because she finally loosens up. OMG I am NOT encouraging drug use- unless you are Kelly Taylor. I really do love Jennie Garth though, and think she did a great job with that role. Geez.
Valerie- Valerie just drives me crazy. She is just such a sociopath that I don't know how I feel about her. Do I love her? Yes. Do I hate her? Yes. I just wish she would stop plotting and playing with my mind for one second, so I knew where we stood.
Andrea- Ha ha I almost forgot about her. Seriously, I almost published this post without mentioning her. Heeee! I honestly don't know what to say about Andrea. She is just...nope. I can't do it right now. No words for her.

Clare Arnold- WHY did she leave the show? Whose idea was this? And why did Steve not get back with her in the end? I mean, I like Janet and all, but waaaaah! She was the best thing that ever happened to Steve, and even though she can be a RAGING bitch, she is awesome. Pure awesome.

I hope I'm not forgetting anyone- I know Clare is kinda random, but she's a personal fav. OMG there are so many randoms that I will do later- Nat, Gina, Ray, Cindy and Jim, etc.