Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Well, I honestly thought I was the biggest fan of 90210 out there. Seriously y'all! I mean, I own all of the seasons, and literally watch them all of the time. Like, there was a good year or two...or three...or whatever...when I watched 90210 every single day of my life. Before bed, and while I got ready for work in the morning. I am not bragging, (because it's embarrassing people) but simply trying to get you to understand what I mean by biggest fan. I wanted to play Brian Austin Green at my wedding reception, but was (rightfully so) vetoed. But I am on tumblr, and am following someone: http://aboutbeverlyhills90210.tumblr.com/. They might have me beat. They were a little overwhelming at first, but they find the most amazing pictures of old school 90210 stuff, and I just love this person, whoever they are. So, I am encouraging you to check them out, if you have a minute...or an hour...or a lifetime.

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